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Why Natural Makeup?

Why is it important to use paraben-free, 100% natural mineral make-up?
Many make-up products (both traditional and mineral make-up) contain harmful chemical additives, harsh dyes, or man-made fragrances which increases your risk for skin allergies.

We carry 100% natural mineral make-up, made by Mineral Hygienics, which is completely free of irritants such as talc, bismuth oxychloride, dyes, parabens, mineral oil, salicylates, carmine, synthetic fragrances, methylparaben, petro-chemicals, and other questionable chemicals commonly found in other make-up.

Since Mineral Hygienics is so gentle on the skin, it is recommended by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Estheticians after plastic surgery.

While most mineral products have fewer ingredients than traditional makeup, this doesn’t always mean that it is healthier for your skin. Many mineral products have 10-20+ ingredients in their product. Some actually have more than a traditional liquid. From an ingredient standpoint it is important to see what ingredients are actually being used. Mineral Hygienics only contains 4 products: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Mica and Zinc Oxide.

Pay particular attention to Bismuth Oxychloride, a very common ingredient found in most mineral makeup.

What is Bismuth Oxychloride?
Bismuth oxychloride is an inorganic white pigment. Most of the bismuth produced in the USA is as a by-product from refining lead, tin, copper, silver and gold ores. Bismuth without refinement is not safe for use in cosmetics. To make it safe it must be refined and combined with other elements to produce bismuth oxychloride. Certainly not “Natural” as most companies claim. Once the bismuth has been collected, it is further refined through several stages to remove dangerous elements like lead. Then it is chlorinated, which gives us bismuth chloride (BiCl3). In this stage it still poses a dangerous risk, smelling of hydrochloric acid. When bismuth chloride is combined with water, it decomposes and part of the chlorine is replaced by oxygen from the water. This process is called hydrolysis and the end result is Bismuth Oxychloride.

Is it safe to use?
The FDA has approved bismuth oxychloride as a safe product to use in products for the face, eyes, lips and nails. Not only is it very common, but it is a very popular ingredient in both traditional and mineral makeup. However, skin irritation from bismuth oxychloride is not unusual. According the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for bismuth oxychloride, there is a risk of it being a potential irritant to humans when it comes in contact with the skin or eyes. When bismuth oxychloride is purchased from countries with less stringent laws the chance for health risks are increased. So, it is important that companies spend a little more money and buy from highly regulated countries, like the US and Canada.

Why Is Bismuth Oxychloride Used In Makeup?
It is used in makeup because it gives the makeup a silky feel & has good slip (this means it applies well to the skin) and good adhesion, which helps it stay on your skin. It feels smooth and silky when rubbed between the fingers. It is often described as a lustrous crystalline powder. It refracts light and that helps draw attention away from, and camouflage, fine lines, wrinkles and minor discolorations. A great selling point for makeup! This all sounds great, but is it?

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